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Unstuck Mondays.

Growing in Your Creativity and Career.

What’s the right way to position ourselves for a promotion? Should we really quit our job right now? How can we be creative in a traditionally non-creative career? Do I really want to become an entrepreneur? How can I manage a team effectively to achieve the highest level of productivity?

For over 3 years I’ve written and published several articles on LinkedIn to help people get ‘unstuck’ in their professional careers in creative ways and now you can read that same helpful information, updated and revised in my new book Unstuck Mondays.

Through these pages I talk about stirring up your creativity in current your line of work, leading your team to success, the need for emotional intelligence in the workplace and a whole lot more. Pre-order your copy today!


I breakdown topics covering: career advancement, leadership, business, creativity, and much more.


Read about my work covering various events and published articles for established publications.


My first book is almost here. Get ready to be UNSTUCK in your creativity, business and career.