3 Things I Did to Love My Job Again

Around Spring time this year, I found myself at a crossroads in my career.

A couple months earlier I decided to return to a company I had a 10 year tenure with between 2006 – 2016.

After regaining a management position and then switching teams for the exact same role, I felt like I was on ‘autopilot’ in my day-today job function.
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Use Your Creative Skills to Energize Your Non-Creative Profession

Meet James. A highly educated individual who for the last several years has been working in the financial sector, making close to a six figure income. For the most part, James enjoys all the segments of his life: his family, his friends, the neighbourhood he gets to live in, his work and social circles, the vehicle he drives and any other advantages that come from being a finance professional.
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Lebron Inc.: The Business of Chasing Greatness

Posse. A word not used heavily since the late 90’s. Outside the of the Black community, some might say it has a negative connotation. Though it’s used loosely to describe people who would be considered your inner circle, don’t try to convince three-time NBA champion, Lebron James, that was the intent of legendary coach, Phil Jackson, last November.
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