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Redefining A Role Modal

Pro sports is canceled. Our pop culture NBA icons have left the building and are home in COVID-19 quarantine.

It’s time we re-introduced the next generation to real heroes and role models. The ones who changed history.

The Marcus Garveys and the Madam C.J. Walkers of the past. The men and women who sacrificed their lives for political and financial equality and excellence.

So take your time NBA, NFL and NHL returning. We all could use a good dose of redefining or role models.

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Your Own New World Order

One morning we’ll wake up and hear the reports of COVID-19 all being over. Life will slowly shift back to where it was.

But can it? Will it ever be the same again?

In a general sense yes. Schools will open. Hospitals will function at regular capacity and retailers will again make sales.

But our collective individual lives must change. There has to be something different we take away from this. I’m not talking just the hygiene side of things.

When life comes close to the edge of ending and we survive, our number one goal should be to discover our purpose.

But let’s not wait. Find it today. In this time of social distancing and self quarantine take time to think about what your life is really about when you wake up each day.

If you don’t like what you see, it may be time for a personal New World Order.

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Is It Really Social Distancing?

For many of us the call for social distancing will usher in a significant change to our daily life.

Some of us will realize how socially distant we really were all this time.

From work to home and home to work with the odd stop at the grocery store in between is the extent of our social existence. With holidays and birthdays left for extended family and maybe close friends.

But this is all good. If it takes a pandemic for us to see how unsocial we’ve become in society then so be it. We’ll also discover true growth often comes in the midst of spending time with others.

Social interaction expands our minds. Gives us a new perspective on the way we see things. It allows us to consider or reconsider the direction of the lives we choose to live.

But COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t mean it has to stop. Social distancing in the physical yes, but we live in a digital world.

Use this time to increase your usage of FaceTime, Skype, instant messaging and old fashion phone calling.

Let’s all make sure we understand that social distancing isn’t the same as social isolation.

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Consumption vs Impact

My wife and I are two totally different individuals. Opposites attract they say. In our case, it couldn’t be more true.

My upbringing was in the midst of North American comfort culture. My parents immigrated to Canada in the late ’70s from Jamaica so I often enjoyed the pleasures of growing up in a land typically free of political unrest and secure health benefits.

My wife, on the other hand, survived 2 wars. The Ugandan civil war in the ’80s and the Gulf War in the early ’90s. She had political instability for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The early parts of her life were lived with no assurance she would see the next day. At the same time, I ate Footloops around the breakfast table watching Saturday morning cartoons, upset that my little brother grabbed the cereal prize before I did.

My life wasn’t perfect. I experienced financially challenging times as a kid. Just as my wife’s life had some bright spots too and enjoyed parts of her childhood (dropping water balloons on people’s heads in the Middle East as a kid with her brother. Yeah, I’d say they had some good times!).

But as we grew up our adult life focus reinforced how we were raised. I wanted to go to school, get a degree, secure a job, make money, raise a family and give them as much as I could.

She wanted only one thing: To make an impact.

Of course, she wanted a family and desired to give them whatever they needed, but her life purpose to make an impact on the lives of others trumped everything else. She was never into the ‘shiny’ goals of North American life.

I was. Tell you the truth a small part of me still is. But it’s slowly fading.

As the world still adjusts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus, we are all beginning to understand what our true motives are in life and what it should be.

Most of us aren’t thinking about the consumption of things more than we’re thinking about being alive.

That followed by thoughts of – What to actually do with this life? How do I impact those around me for the better? Where do I begin?

The good news is there’s currently a plethora of opportunities to have an impact today. Start by educating yourself and others about keeping each other at low risk to contract the virus. Donate to food banks and other organizations that look after individuals of the community most at risk physically and financially.

Ultimately we can all use this global occurrence as a stepping stone to a more purposeful life. A life of more intentional impact and not just consumption.

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Thank You Content Creators

Let’s just take a moment to thank all the amazing, unique, independent content creators out there posting daily on social media for our enjoyment.

They’ve always been there but with COVID-19 isolation happening all over the globe, the laughs and enlightenment they bring during such a dark time is more than needed.

That’s the beauty of social media and mobile technology. Its like it was designed for times like this.

When we can’t connect physically, it’s keeping us connected.

When a door closes for us to use our creativity, we can unlock our phones and start making magic happen for an instant audience.

We’ve seen the shift in the last 15 years in content. From just merely observing to now participating and engaging.

As more and more of our entertainment gets regulated, creators will evolve to the next level of instant entertainment. NBA players have turned into content masters for their followers on Instagram. And it’s just the beginning.

So go and create. Make someone smile. Inspire. Comfort. Uplift. We need each other’s gifts more than ever today.

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Patience While We Build

If the current global climate has taught us anything it’s patience is needed.

Patience when building, creating. Patience in assessing your next big move.

Why? The terms of life change so quickly that making a decision in haste usually doesn’t end well.

Creating and building without patiently setting a foundation for your work leads to making something that either doesn’t last or has little impact.

So take your time. Presently around the world there’s a good chance tomorrow won’t look like today.

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Creative Outlets

Some of you right now are reading this in COVID-19 quarantine away from family, friends, and possibly work daily workspace.

Whatever the reason, this is the perfect opportunity to take up a creative outlet.

Creative outlets provide a space to decompress from what could have been a busy day, a stressful week, or currently, a much needed distraction from the global coronavirus crisis.

Create outlets allow you to develop a cycle of contentment and happiness with your daily issues instead of what it could otherwise potentially be.

I encourage you to find that outlet where you can express yourself in a creative way. Writing, cooking, teaching, mentoring, even philanthropy. Try different areas and see what sticks.

There’s no one way of doing it and there’s no limit to the amount of creative outlets you can participate in. It might be a bit of a life adjustment to get started, but when you give yourself fully to any number of creative outlets you choose, the long term benefits will be worth it.

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Your Creative Stimulus

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government has pledged a 10 billion dollar stimulus package to help the slumping economy.

Agree with it or not, this is the means Parliament uses to have the economy flow in dire times.

Writer’s block? Creative block? How do you overcome it? What’s your creative stimulus?

Sometimes the doing isn’t actually creating the thing. Its the reading. The watching. The listening.

When no creative juices are flowing, it’s okay to stop, turn on Netflix, and chill.

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Risks Are Better Calculated

Pro sports is over thanks to COVID-19

The NBA, NHL, MLB and others have either cancelled or postponed all or parts of their 2020 season. All for good reason as the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe.

Heads of pro sports don’t want to take any risks and rightfully so.

But, in actuality, they are taking risks. The risk to lose revenue in exchange for the health of the players, their families, the fans and the general public. The expectation is that there will be a brighter day for all.

So risks aren’t bad. It’s all about taking the right kind of risks. And those risks usually center around more than just ourselves.

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We’re All Forced to Slow Down

A snapshot of the conditions around the world shows us its time for reflection.

There will be time to push, grind and strive towards our creative and business goals.

Now, at least for the next few days, let’s take time to make that phone call or send that text message we’ve been delaying to send.

It not about fear or halting progress on that project. It’s about understanding the purpose of why we want to make things happen in the first place.

We don’t live life in a vacuum. We are all in this together.

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