The Netflix Revolution: If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Last Chance U.

The gritty, critically acclaimed football documentary that followed East Mississippi Community College’s Football program for an entire season debuted last year to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave season one a 90% rating with at least one critic calling it, “A fascinating trip beyond the field and the locker room that dives into the gritty fabric of one of the country’s most unpredictably successful sports programs”. The mini series was a perfect example of the creative freedom writers, filmmakers and production companies have when producing for Netflix. Our demand for higher quality, fresh original content is at an all time high. Netflix has changed the way we consume our media and is indirectly forcing other companies to rethink their creative content strategy.

When Netflix came on the scene, it wasn’t enough for them to be just be a streaming network for dated movies and TV series. They had to deliver original content we couldn’t find anywhere else in order to compete with cable television, feature films, Youtube and yes, sleep.

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