The Miss-Education of Cam Newton and Kenyon Martin

I’m a bit frustrated. And here’s why.


In a time when differences in society’s conscience regarding race ideologies seems to be front page news daily, celebrities, athletes and other notable personalities with platforms have an opportunity to change conversations and ultimately use their influence to unify and not create a bigger divide than the one that already exists.


More often than not, when commentary on hot button issues is needed from the African American community, the media seems to continually turn to black pro athletes to grab a sound bite they can spin into whatever their audience has bleeding ears for at the moment.


Although that’s probably one of my pet peeves with national media outlets, that’s not the aim of my rant today.


It’s one thing to have a beat writer twist words but it’s another thing when a black athlete is quoted for saying something completely out of line. Such is the case this


past week with notable pro athletes Cam Newton and Kenyon Martin. Both were quoted making completely inappropriate comments and the timing couldn’t be worse.



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