Effective Creativity Starts With Your Uniqueness

What’s Trending? How do we find out and why should we care? Because copying a trend is an effective way of getting people’s attention? How do we know for sure? Or maybe an individual’s uniqueness could be the key to creative effectiveness. 

Last month I attended Creative Mornings, a global initiative launched in major cities all over the world with the intent of getting creatives together early in the morning to network and listen to a TED Talk-like speech given by a new guest speaker each month.

I attended the Toronto session and the guest speaker for the day was Duana Taha, a Canadian television writer and story editor whose credits include hit programs Lost Girl, Lost & Found Studios, and the award-winning Degrassi: The Next Generation. She’s also the author of the bestselling book The Name Therapist, and a sought-after commentator on the intersection of names, culture, and identity.

Among the many fascinating analogies and anecdotes she detailed that day, one quote in particular stuck with me and serves as the foundation for this blog post:


We need to eradicate the idea of what is unfamiliar is weird.” – Duana Taha


Let’s stop and think about this one for a second. “Eradicate the idea of what is unfamiliar is weird”

Why? Because the unfamiliar usually breeds innovation. Innovation fuels new and better ways of doing things.

Effective creativity starts with your uniqueness. Getting a new spin on things. Another point of view. A different perspective.

Sure you can find out what’s trending, copy it, put your own twist on it, and deliver it to the masses (Which sometimes works, e.g. Instagram Stories, and sometimes not, e.g. Google +). 

Or you can take a risk and bring something to the table that no one has ever seen before (see, Apple, Facebook, Whole Foods, etc., etc.)

Will there be rejection? Possibly. Maybe more likely than not. But for the small chance you won’t be, it’s an opportunity to bring life to something birthed within you that could potentially change the lives of many people in a positive way.


For more information on Creative Mornings visit: creativemornings.com

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