Why Colin Kaepernick Should Walk Away from Football

Let me start off by saying this isn’t just another Colin Kaepernick article talking about why he hasn’t been signed by an NFL team yet.

With the NFL preseason about to begin, football fans are experiencing a déjà vu moment seeing Kaep dominate the headlines during the early part of the season for the second year in a row. Reports on Colin Kaepernick’s employment status began before the summer even started and at this point I’m suffering with Kaepernick fatigue. Story after story asking the same question, “Why hasn’t he been offered an NFL contract yet? Is he still good enough to start or even be a backup? Is he being blackballed by NFL owners?”

We’ve watched NFL coaches say he’s a capable starter and should get a chance to sign with a team, only to have their owners stay mum on the subject, or in the Ravens’ case, have their owner say a little too much.

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