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Risks Are Better Calculated

Pro sports is over thanks to COVID-19

The NBA, NHL, MLB and others have either cancelled or postponed all or parts of their 2020 season. All for good reason as the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe.

Heads of pro sports don’t want to take any risks and rightfully so.

But, in actuality, they are taking risks. The risk to lose revenue in exchange for the health of the players, their families, the fans and the general public. The expectation is that there will be a brighter day for all.

So risks aren’t bad. It’s all about taking the right kind of risks. And those risks usually center around more than just ourselves.

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COVID-19: Our Excuse to Dream

COVID-19 has many in fear today. Based on the media’s consistent updates of the virus global effect, most would say the fear is warranted.

But have we stopped to ask ourselves why we fear? Is it the virus itself or is it the impact on the economy which could have a direct effect on our daily routine.

While those issues matter, our biggest fear is our own life. The fear of death.

At the risk of sounding morbid, we can count on our taxes to be paid and that we will all cease to exist one day.

So the question is if you knew this was the last month of your life how would you live? Would you take time to stock up on canned goods and toilet paper? Or would you use your creative talents to make an impact while you still can?

Yes, wash your hands thoroughly, stock up on goods if you must. But don’t allow fear to take the precious time you have left to live in purpose. Use COVID-19 as an excuse to make that business or creative project come to life.

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Don’t Fear the Light

If you’ve never heard of the book Wonder or seen the movie adaptation, its a story of a boy named August (or Auggie) who was born with a genetic disorder that caused his face to be disfigured at birth.

Numerous years, and facial surgeries later, his parents decide grade 5 would be the right time to send him to school with other kids after being home-schooled for the first early years of his life.

One of the more notable quotes from the movie comes from Auggie’s sister Via.

“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.” – Via

Auggie’s sister Via reminds him to see his difference is an asset and not a liability. That there could be a higher calling or purpose for his life because of his condition.

We are all unique in different ways. It just depends if we choose to allow that uniqueness to shine through and potentially open up unexpected opportunities and experiences this year.

Choose to embrace your uniqueness and don’t fear the light your fresh ideas could bring you into.

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Convince Yourself First

There’s a reason why drive-thru windows have been around for decades. It’s a magical thing to give your request only to have it granted to you seconds later.

It’s almost like you spoke it into existence.

What do you want? How does it look? When do you want it to happen?

Dream, write it down and talk about it. Make sure you say it out loud for your brain to hear.

Because the first person, you have to convince is yourself.

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