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Remember to Have Fun

When you finally land that dream job…

When they say yes to your article pitch…

When they accept your quote for that creative project…

When you can finally quit your day job and be a full time entrepreneur…

…There will be hours work ahead of you.


Remember to enjoy the journey. Don’t forget the love for why you do what you do.

Remember to have fun.

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Practice Being Fully Present

Life as we know it has slowed down. Some have said for the better. Others have balked at that notion saying it shouldn’t take a pandemic to get society to stop and smell the roses.

But the reality is we have no excuse to be fully present to our spouses, our kids, our friends, our neighbours, or anyone who could use a listening ear.

This isn’t an assumption that all of us are in the same situation regarding extra time. Some still work on the front lines and are working additonal hours, like our healthcare professionals. Supply chain positions like truck drivers could possibly working overtime as they are essential to the economy.

There are however a lot of us who no longer have to catch a bus for work. Social gatherings have been all but eliminated. Our weekly schedules have been reduced to only necessary trips to the grocery store. In others words, we now have time to authentically listen.

Deeper conversations could become more common place. Fact is they should have been all along. I’m guilty as anyone else to block out what someone is saying during a conversation only to think about what I’m going to say next.

This won’t be easy, but we’ll discover spending authentic time with those around us will actually help us heal through this outbreak.

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Is It Really Social Distancing?

For many of us the call for social distancing will usher in a significant change to our daily life.

Some of us will realize how socially distant we really were all this time.

From work to home and home to work with the odd stop at the grocery store in between is the extent of our social existence. With holidays and birthdays left for extended family and maybe close friends.

But this is all good. If it takes a pandemic for us to see how unsocial we’ve become in society then so be it. We’ll also discover true growth often comes in the midst of spending time with others.

Social interaction expands our minds. Gives us a new perspective on the way we see things. It allows us to consider or reconsider the direction of the lives we choose to live.

But COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t mean it has to stop. Social distancing in the physical yes, but we live in a digital world.

Use this time to increase your usage of FaceTime, Skype, instant messaging and old fashion phone calling.

Let’s all make sure we understand that social distancing isn’t the same as social isolation.

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We’re All Forced to Slow Down

A snapshot of the conditions around the world shows us its time for reflection.

There will be time to push, grind and strive towards our creative and business goals.

Now, at least for the next few days, let’s take time to make that phone call or send that text message we’ve been delaying to send.

It not about fear or halting progress on that project. It’s about understanding the purpose of why we want to make things happen in the first place.

We don’t live life in a vacuum. We are all in this together.

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Celebrate Our Women

It seems so normal for men to learn business success from other men. And commonplace for women to learn creative concepts from men.

But for some reason, there’s a heightened sense of significance when we witness men learning from successful women or influential women taking leadership roles in fortune 500 companies.

Yes, for the challenges women have faced for centuries, we need to acknowledge the progression society has made to date.

But make no mistake, from the beginning of time women have always been the backbone of our communities. They are entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creators, innovators, teachers, nurturers, and what I like to call my wife – the oracle of our families.

On this day, International Women’s Day 2020, let’s all be less surprised for how far women have come and celebrate that we all see what they have always known about themselves.

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The Unanticipated Moments

We plan our calendars. We accumulate things. We rush from one item on our daily list to the other. Focused on placing that ‘check’ beside each box.

The anticipated events of our lives have a moderate level of impact when compared to the unanticipated. It’s the gifted book that sat on my shelf for almost 2 months before cracking it open, only to have the words change my life. It’s the fascinating stories from an old married couple who asked to sit with me in a crowded coffee shop.

And sometimes, it’s just the flat tire we notice walking out our front door heading to work.

We secretly value the unanticipated because it tells us more about ourselves than we often would like to admit.

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