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The Pursuit of Happiness

My father is happiest 66 year old alive because 3 times a week he gets to help people in need.

He could be telling me about his life as an entrepreneur, which he was been for well over 30 years. But he chooses to share with me all the interesting people and their stores he comes across while giving out food working for a charity on the side.

He tells me it’s hard work. Picking up food from major donors, unloading trucks, packing and preparing food for those in need. But he knows it’s also purposeful work. And purposeful work is the most fulfilling work.

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Imposter Syndrome

“I have written 11 books but each time I think ‘Uh-oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’” – Maya Angelou

If you’ve ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome – a thought pattern when you’re in constant fear of being found out as a ‘fraud’ which makes you doubt yourself or minimize your accomplishments – then I’m happy to tell you that you’re in good company.

There are two traits about people with imposter syndrome that make them great. One, you’re more likely a high performer given an opportunity in a new environment and two, you’re not quick to look back and take victory laps at past accomplishments.

You might see imposter syndrome. Others see humility and hard work. You might think lack of experience. When really it’s the road less travelled that you’ve decided to venture out on.

The inner conflict of imposter syndrome is evidence you’re continually chasing a goal or purpose that’s bigger than yourself. And that’s always a good thing.

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2021 Metamorphosis

2020 has changed many things.

It’s changed how we shop. How we connect with others. How we do our daily professional work. Even how we practice our faith.

Live concerts have shifted to parking lots with attendees sitting in their cars. Schools have found ways to administer education remotely and continue to make improvements in the area of connecting kids with teachers.

Everything I’ve said above is not surprising and is a result of the Covid-19 restrictions set in place across our countries.

The IOC announcing that breakdancing will be an official Olympic competition in the Paris 2024 summer games is a change we didn’t see coming. But it’s indicative of the way of the world is turning currently.

The point is what we all thought we knew to be true is being challenged. The world as we know it is going through a metamorphosis. Change is taking place with the likely and the unlikely. The expected and unexpected.

The question is, what do we do about? What happens next will continue to shape society going forward. Which means our actions can no longer remain in a vacuum.

The most significant change that will need to take place is within us. 2021 will give us that opportunity.

Happy New Year!

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Risky Business

Accomplishing greatness starts with making a risky decision to challenge the norm.

Vanderbilt University women’s soccer player Sarah Fuller made a risky decision and challenged the norm by becoming the first ever women to play in a power 5 College Football game this past weekend.

Feats like that don’t just happen. We decide to make them happen. It all starts with making a decision to shake things up, do something different and not looking back in spite of the criticism or the people we make uncomfortable in the process.

The best and most rememberable decisions we make are often the ones with the greatest risk attached to it.

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Change the Energy

About 8 or 9 years ago, the company I worked for held their annual event for all employees, highlighting major accomplishments from around the company, as well as future business strategies.

It would typically take pace at a fancy hotel or country club with speakers schedule throughout the day. Each department usually had to share a slide deck or give some sort of presentation about their individual successes and everything else related.

That year my manager picked me to speak for our team even though I had never done so in previous years. Before I went on my manager introduced me, and in a strange way referred to me in reference to my faith.

“So I’m calling up Sheldon who will of course be in heaven one day…” A little embarrassed by such an awkward introduction, on the fly I decided to change things up.

“You know my manager says I’m going to heaven. That’s funny because right now I’m nervous as hell.”

The entire audience blew up laughing like I had just told a joke on Showtime at the Apollo. That one comment completely shifted the energy in the room and I immediately felt comfortable sharing my presentation.

Being your authentic self shifts the energy and atmosphere in a positive way to those around you. It cuts tension and gives others the courage and permission to do the same.

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Better Than Nothing

The North American Industrial Revolution created more job opportunities than we’ve ever seen in history prior to that time.

With more companies creating more jobs, production increasing a hundred fold, giving us more options from choosing the type of car we drive to selecting the toaster that matches the colour scheme of our kitchens.

That time in history also initiated the concept of the need to ‘have more’. We can live with one family car but it’s better to have two. TVs are needed in every room of the house so we don’t miss anything ‘important‘.

The ‘Go big or go home’ philosophy slowly crept in from how we act as consumers to how we approach our work and life goals.

We don’t have an hour to exercise so we decided it’s not worth doing. Publishing a book seems like a long process so we talk ourselves out of attempting to write just 100 words in a sitting every day.

When we feel like we can’t take big leaps in production in a single moment, it can sometimes feel like it’s not worth starting.

Writing one page in a sitting session is better than not writing at all. Taking 30 minutes to research that business idea is better than talking yourself out of launching and jumping on social media instead. Doing the well known 7 minute workout is better than no workout at all.

Just like one car is better than walking and one TV is better than just the radio, something will ALWAYS be better that nothing.

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What Were You Thinking 3 Months Ago?

“You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” – John Green

The future always is pleasing and attractive. Full of promise for better. However when we arrive there it’s something all too common. Challenges, frustrations and problems still abound.

We worked for that promotion believing it would bring contentment and financial gratification. We pushed for to acquire that business loan hoping to be free from a 9 to 5 that stressed us out.

It never truly works out exactly how we pictured it to be. That’s because the future tends to always be perfect without fault. And we come to realize the present is imperfect and has many flaws. Which then leads us on another pursuit for perfection.

The cure: gratitude. Only gratitude for the present will end this cycle. It involves continually taking your mind back to when you pictured the future you longed for and being aware that you’re in that place today.

In other words gratitude can be summed up by asking yourself: What were you thinking about 3 months ago?

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Venturing into the Unknown

Advancement and promotion comes to those willing to venture into uncharted territory.

Taking such a step displays a willingness to fail. To look weak. To feel inadequate and ill prepared to face what’s coming.

It’s also a confirmation to the important decision makers that you’re committed to growing and increasing your value to the organization.

At a deeper more social level, venturing to the unknown can look like being open to objective conversations with those who hold an opposing point of view.

When we continually open ourselves to learn, understand and discover the world beyond the knowledge we currently have, we are saying yes to a richer life experience. Tangibly and metaphorically.

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Some Extremes Are Good Us

“Too much of a good thing can be bad for you”.

Really? Is that really true 100% of the time? Or does it relate to what exactly that ‘good’ thing is?

An over indulgence of menial or trivial pleasures can lead to serious heath problems. Pizza is ‘good’ and ‘enjoyable’ but high cholesterol isn’t.

You know what we can never get enough of? Justice, equality, human rights, anti-racism, love. Too much of this can and never will be bad for us as individuals or collectively as a community.

As a matter of fact ‘too much’ of the things we need might just solve a plethora of the social issues we’ve been dealing with for decades. So no, not all extremes are bad. Especially the ones that tend to be less self focused.

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Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

As I write this humanity is going through a phase of uncomfortable growth. The realization of systematic anti-black racism and how deep it flows in society today is only now being recognized by many.

That realization is coming at the expense of our comfort zones, regardless of who you are. If you’re a non-person of colour, having to unlearn some ideologies that you once assumed isn’t easy. And you shouldn’t assume otherwise.

As a person of colour, understanding that getting the attention of the ‘the powers that be’ is only the first step. Staying the course to see real lasting action and change take place is the real work.

Both mindsets require a level of pain tolerance through the process. Change and growth in anything is uncomfortable because it takes humility to learn what you do not know and endurance to keep the pace when you feel like quitting.

Whether in business, education or standing for social issues it’s all the same. We have to fall in love with being uncomfortable in order to accomplish something of significance. Pain and gain aren’t mutually exclusive of each other.

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