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The Right Way to Build Intrigue

KFC, formally Kentucky Fried Chicken, is planning to release a gaming console.

No, really. This isn’t fake news.

The KFConsole is a real console with real specs. KFC partnered with tech company Cooler Master to deliver gaming power in the form of 240fps on select titles at 4K resolution and 2TB SSD based storage solution with Seagate BarraCuda SSDs.

Oh, and it also has a built in warmer to keep your chicken hot for those late night weekend gaming sessions.

Whether or not the KFConsole will compete with market leaders Microsoft and Sony remains to be seen. For now KFC’s risky investment into the gaming industry has put their brand back on the pop culture radar. A place KFC hasn’t been since the launch of Toonie Tuesday back in the 90’s

All this from the fast food giant who arguably doesn’t currently offer the best fried chicken in the market today. But the idea is too intriguing to not pay attention. And that’s exactly the point.

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Thinking Outside of the Soapbox

In my early days of working in transportation, I had the opportunity to work with one of the largest soap brands in the world.

They were my main logistics account for the company I worked for, and I was their point person in charge of coordinating their freight.

Because of market share losses, senior leadership wanted fresh creative ideas to stimulate business growth. Most companies of their caliber and size would limit that conversation to the sales and marketing team. This company sought out a different approach.

They ended up inviting partners from all over their supply chain as well as their general office staff to participate in a group strategy session. Participants included personnel from accounting, customer service, contract warehousing, contract transportation (me), sales, marketing and senior leadership.

The idea was to get a different perspective from individuals who had a alternate vantage point for how the business was operating. First we had a brain storming session to flesh out new ideas. Then we went in groups of two to scope out the product layout at major retailers across the city. We returned to discuss innovative ways to make product placement more appealing to shoppers.

Its no surprise that businesses, large and small, who see year over year growth are usually the ones willing to take an unorthodox approach to creating growth potential and continuous improvement planning.

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The Risk of Uniformity

Twitter was once a haven for social media innovation. One can argue that there’s still no social media platform that’s as influential as Twitter when it comes to pop culture communicating to the rest of us. Just ask Trump.

But with the addition of the new ‘Fleet’ application to the popular app, Twitter is now seen as late the to party when it comes to adding a ‘story mode’.

Yes ‘Fleet’ is nothing more than Twitter’s attempt to jump on the 24 hour story mode first made famous by Snap Chat, then eventually adapted by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even WhatsApp.

With many social media users already utilizing Instagram stories with an extension to post in Facebook stories automatically, Twitter Fleets lack of novelty makes it easy for most of us to pass it off as just another app to update.

Meanwhile Instagram and other platforms continue to find ways to bring creative change to the social media universe.

We weren’t missing social media stories. We already had it in multiple versions. Twitter missed an opportunity to innovate and bring something fresh just like when it was launched in 2006.

Creative innovation in your career or business is risky. But uniformity is riskier.

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