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If Nothing Else, Be Consistant

Today is a big day for me. It’s my 31st post on this blog. It’s significant because it’s also the 31st day straight that I’ve written at least something.

Even though I love to write, doing it consistently has never been easy. It’s been straight up challenging.

I could blame it on my full-time work as a manager or raising a family but in reality, they’re just excuses. Aren’t they?

If we love something enough we’ll find the time to do it right? That sounds like a nice motivation quote found on a greeting card, but it rarely applies in our lives.

A big reason for that is planning. We often want to be successful but don’t really plan around the priorities of our lives to make it happen.

This has been my story for years. Until 32 days ago I finally got it right. I challenged myself to blog. Every, single, day. Whether it was 400 words or 40, I was going to write something. I was going to share my experiences in business, the corporate world, creativity, life and anything else I could think of to inspire.

My motivation was clear: I needed to grow as a writer. What better way than to write every day.

It doesn’t have to be flashy. It doesn’t have to even be that deep. But it needs to be informative, helpful and inspiring. And it needs to be written and posted daily.

Want to be an entrepreneur? An author? A speaker? Web or graphic designer? Find a small step you can take daily towards that goal and commit to it. Track your journey after 31 days and then again after 60 days, and then 90.

We undervalue the power of being consistent, but it’s the very thing that will propel us to achieving our highest potential.

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2020 Focus

The North American media is flooded with stories on the COVID-19 pandemic.

My WhatsApp and iMessage is flooded with YouTube videos on conspiracy theories to the virus.

Through all the noise, I’m trying to create a healthy and productive routine while working from home.

It can all be a bit much. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on your purpose.

Yes the world is shifting and we need to pay attention to what’s happening around the globe. But we can’t forget about our long game.

What did you promise yourself you’d do in 2020? Refresh yourself with you personal goals and continue to make moves towards accomplishing them.

To stay updated to the Coronavirus outbreak take 30 mins each day to read news stories and watch a few videos. Don’t give yourself to any additional content regarding it for the rest of the day.

Life may have changed but life goes on. Don’t lose this opportunity of extra time you may have stuck at home. Refocus, realign, and rejuvenate yourself back into goal setting and completion mode.

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Consumption Problem

Whether in the form of a blog post, web article or book, content is designed to be consumed and reapplied to the creative work in our lives.

It’s typically not always a smooth process, but that’s the way it should work.

We progress in our understanding when we stop only consuming and actually activate actions towards what we desire to do.

How much more content do you need to digest before taking a risk and stepping out to accomplish your goals?

You can learn by reading, but you experience a whole lot more by doing.

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