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Scoring Ugly

I’ll never forget scoring my first touchdown at 13 years of age. The story isn’t as glamorous as one might think.

Our star running back took the hand off from our star quarterback and burst though our offensive line heading towards the endzone.

Just before breaking the plane of the goal line, he fumbled the ball in the endzone. Playing receiver, I happen to be in the endzone involved in my usual duty of blocking a defensive player. Suddenly the ball started to flip-flopping towards me as my team yelled “FUMBLE!”

My eyes popped out of my head and I seized the opportunity to jump on the pigskin in the endzone. I jumped up off the turf and held the ball in the air triumphantly for a millisecond before getting mauled by half the team.

It wasn’t pretty but it was an exciting moment for me. It’s a highlight I’ll always cherish. My quick actions plus being at the right place at the right time helped my team secure the win. For others, however, the moment was more likely forgettable.

Our wins won’t always be ‘Instagram-able’ or considered highlights of anyone else’s day. We’ll experience more of those types of wins than ones that will be socially acceptable or celebrated.

The small, insignificant victories are what we use to build towards our ultimate dreams and goals.

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Your Dreams, Like Blogging, Aren’t Dead

I’m sure we’ve been here before.

Me blogging my thoughts and you reading them. Frankly, this is my purpose. I’ve tried to deny it by suppressing it. I’ve tried launching a side business that has a writing component in it but isn’t freelance writing directly. I’m too old. I don’t have time. The journey will be too long.

We exercise these thoughts daily to convince ourselves that the window of opportunity to achieve our dreams has passed. Then we hear about 70-year-old first-time entrepreneurs and realize we have a choice to make.

So I blog. Even though they say its dead, my words aren’t. Just like your dreams.

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