Burger King’s Anti-Bullying Ad and Social Responsibility

This past week Burger King released an ad that blew my mind. Its an amazing example of how companies can exhibit social responsibility without sacrificing their message of their product. Before I go any further, watch the clip below.



Amazing right? If you didn’t think so please let me know in the comments section, but corporate companies, entrepreneurs, and even individual employees all should strive to be more socially responsible for these 3 reasons:


It reconnects us to the local and global community. I would never expect to see Burger King run an ad about anti-bullying, and now because of it, they have put themselves at the forefront of this sensitive conversation. I’d expect one of Burger King’s largest target markets would be teenagers, so it makes sense for the longtime fast food chain to provide information for kids and parents on where to go to for help, connecting them emotionally to the community.


It gives us a sense of purpose for their daily work. I think we can all agree that it feels good to help those in need in anyway we can. When that help is provided on a larger scale through a company the impact can be greater to the individuals receiving the help. As a result the employees enjoy working in a company culture that’s indicative of learning and understanding the diverse needs in the communities around them.



Society has put pressure and expectations on companies to be more socially responsible.


It drives up company revenues. Good business practice involves giving your potential customers a reason to choose you instead of your competitor. I’m sure that was part of Burger King’s marketing plan behind this ad. Yes fast food has negative side effects, but after broadcasting an ad that connects emotionally with the audience, they are banking on you to buy a Whopper instead of a Big Mac because it indirectly shows you’re supporting the anti-bullying movement. Whether it’s bullying, mental health or going “green”, society has put pressure and expectations on companies to be more socially responsible, even to the point where purchasing decisions are made by it.


Whatever the true reasons are for companies to display social responsibility, or not get involved in any initiatives at all is debatable. As employees, executive management and business owners, our communities become a better place when the businesses they choose to purchase from are also involved in actions that lead to a healthier society as a whole.

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