5 Reasons I Teach My Kids about Business

I’m at work, it’s March Break and the kids are home for a week. I get a call from my wife who runs and operates her own business sometimes from home. “Your son wants to go dumpster diving.”


“You heard me,” she continued. “Dumpster diving.”


“He says it could make him money. He can do it as a business.”

“Um, okay I guess. But I’d have to come with him to be safe.”

This is just one of the many conversations that go on in my home. Our kids forever brainstorming ideas on how to make money, pitching everything they can think of, trying to eventually convince their mother and I to invest.Though we’ve had to sit too many elevator pitches by our kids, one thing my wife and I can agree on is there’s no better way we’d want them to spend their time than to dream about running their own business. Read more on PTPA.com >

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