3 Essential Ways to Position Yourself for a Promotion

No matter how much we love our jobs, most of us at some point have a desire to move up the ranks and take on a fresh challenge, or simply just want to make more money.


Information isn’t always available on how to effectively position yourself for a promotion in your particular field of work. More often than not people fall into one of the following 2 categories: One, they work really really hard at aiming to do their daily work perfectly and other random work related tasks in order to me noticed by their boss, or Two, they do exactly what they’re supposed to, nothing more, and feel entitled to a promotion and raise due to their years (or months if you can believe it) of service.


Being offered a promotion whether vertical or lateral is more about simple strategic positioning in your daily work life and less about hoping you boss will notice that you stayed 2 hours late every night for the last month. Throughout my career I’ve seen these 3 essential, yet very practical steps help me achieve the financial increase or position I’ve been aiming for.


Talking to You Boss. Seems simple enough, but many people don’t realize how effective this can be in getting that dream opportunity you’ve been thinking about for months. Booking or planning a brief meeting with your manager is the perfect way to initiate your desire for career advancement. Helping your manager understand where you want to go, will help them assist you in getting there. Not all bosses are created equal, so if you run into a dead end with that approach try setting up a meeting with your company’s HR department or better yet, if possible buy a coffee for a coworker who is in the role similar to the one you want to be in.


Become a part of the ‘fabric’ of the organization. Embrace the company culture


Be a Champion in the Areas That Mean the Most, Then Seek To Learn More. I remember a time when I wanted to move laterally within a company. After mastering my current role, I had available time to sit with a colleague I knew in the department I really wanted to work in. Simple put, be the BEST at what you do now in all facets of your current job function, but especially in the areas that benefit your company’s bottom line. If you’re currently not privy to company financial information, ask your boss in your initial meeting to list the tasks that have a positive impact this area the most. Strive to champion those tasks (not just random ones) and then make yourself available to take on and learn new ones related to the position you’re aiming for.


Have An Ownership Mentality for the Company You Work For. When I say this, I don’t just mean think like how an owner would, but work to become a part of the ‘fabric’ of the organization. Embrace the company culture by being the first to volunteer your time for planning or working at company events. Spend your lunch hour building relationships and getting to know others in and around different areas of the building. Be authentic about helping others on your team or in your department when you can. Teach them skills that have helped you be successful in your career.


Obviously following these 3 areas will not guarantee you the next level promotion or position you’ve been dying to get for some time, however it could get you closer to that reality then you are right now.

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