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When Building Think: Magnitude

Patience we need for building anything, is a skill we harness overtime.

That picture of our goal in our mind has life, but the process to get there is often long, taxing and filled with sub tasks that don’t seem as exciting as reaching our goal.

Sometimes the journey takes longer than expected and we come to that ‘fork’ in the road to decide if it’s really worth continuing.

Or worse, we take the easy way out and short cut our way to the finish line, weakening the effectiveness that we originally intended.

Through all this we often forget about the desired impact we want our work to have on those around us. You can aim to write a book just to share with friends, family and some locals in your city. That won’t take the same time, effort and strategy to write a book for the global masses.

When building and creating don’t just think about the end result. We need to really ask ourselves what’s the magnitude of impact we want to achieve through it.

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