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Reshape What Failure Really Is

When I had to execute 60 presentations in about 4 weeks there was bound to be times when I would go brain dead, have my voice crack and for technology to betray me in the form of multiple glitches.

When any of those unfortunate events would happen, I would continue with the presentation and wouldn’t give attention to the obvious mishap.

Our culture has defined failure as anything less than perfection and we’ve bought into it. It’s the reason we stay in comfortable, repetitive, well paying jobs we loath instead of pursuing meaning work and fulfilling life projects.

Doing what we love opens up too many opportunities to fail, because when we start something we often have no clue what we’re doing. That of course gives license for those around us to criticize.

Our cultural understanding of failure needs a major shift. It’s not the absence of perfection, it’s our response after making mistakes and the underlying lesson we can take from it.

How do we forge ahead? What changes will we make to our process? Is this worth pursuing after our last results?

Ultimately failure isn’t an absolute. It should always be a gateway to infinite continuous improvement in every area of our lives.

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