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It’s Okay to be a Little Odd

Lavar Ball is a little odd. He’s a character. More like a caricature. He’s loud, abrasive, opinionated, somewhat cocky, but most of all confident.

But Lavar Ball also had a plan. Years ago declaring his three sons Lonzo, Liangelo and LaMelo would all end up in the NBA. He sounded like most fathers do talking about their kids. The only difference is, Lavar Ball had a plan.

But he was odd. Not like others. Social unacceptable.

Does it matter?

It’s good to be a little odd to others. You become less of a threat to them in accomplishing greatness. They write you off because you don’t play by their rules. While in the background you always had a plan.

A plan so grandiose it’s almost unbelievable. They couldn’t believe it. They didn’t want to because, we’ll, you’re odd. Different. Not like them.

And that’s good thing. Because unlike them, the masses, you’ll end up with three sons who are affiliated with NBA teams. just like you planned it.

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