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Better Than Nothing

The North American Industrial Revolution created more job opportunities than we’ve ever seen in history prior to that time.

With more companies creating more jobs, production increasing a hundred fold, giving us more options from choosing the type of car we drive to selecting the toaster that matches the colour scheme of our kitchens.

That time in history also initiated the concept of the need to ‘have more’. We can live with one family car but it’s better to have two. TVs are needed in every room of the house so we don’t miss anything ‘important‘.

The ‘Go big or go home’ philosophy slowly crept in from how we act as consumers to how we approach our work and life goals.

We don’t have an hour to exercise so we decided it’s not worth doing. Publishing a book seems like a long process so we talk ourselves out of attempting to write just 100 words in a sitting every day.

When we feel like we can’t take big leaps in production in a single moment, it can sometimes feel like it’s not worth starting.

Writing one page in a sitting session is better than not writing at all. Taking 30 minutes to research that business idea is better than talking yourself out of launching and jumping on social media instead. Doing the well known 7 minute workout is better than no workout at all.

Just like one car is better than walking and one TV is better than just the radio, something will ALWAYS be better that nothing.

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