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Your Belief System

Do you really believe you can do it?

This is precisely the first question that you need to ask yourself before setting off on the journey to your ultimate goals and dreams

Understand this concept sounds simplistic. But self-doubt is the biggest inhibitor to longterm success.

I know you’ve heard this before and this is nothing new, but understanding the belief system that drives you is vital to seeing things through until the end.

It doesn’t take much to believe you can start a business or begin the process of changing career fields. Maybe even launching a non-profit organization. Passion and excitement for a new pursuit is never lacking. It’s at these times your belief system is working purely off of adrenaline.

But as we all know it eventually wears off and we realize our beliefs weren’t anchored enough to withstand the doubt that comes with unexpected challenges and criticisms from people we know.

For this reason we can never take too much time examining if we truly believe we can accomplish that thing we desire. But belief is more than just emotionally or blindly betting on yourself. It also to some degree need to weight heavily on facts.

Before you start ask yourself these 3 questions:

Essentially how long will this take to achieve? Do I have the necessary time/resources needed to invest in this? How will I track progress?

The last one is the most important. Seeing even small progress can be encouraging at the bleakest moments in the process.

The point is it’s much easier to hold a strong belief system when you’re prepared for the realistic scenarios that may come your way.

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