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Leaders of the New School

Over 5-6 years ago my wife and I decided to home school our 4 kids. it was an amazing experience, but one that wasn’t without hard work.

Due to my wife’s business exploding (she was doing most of the schooling and running her business at the same time) we decided to send them back in to public shooling.

Today all of North America is homeschooling their kids. Parents everywhere are challenged with keeping their kids up to date with the school assignments sent remotely by teachers.

But what I loved about home school is it opens up a whole new way of viewing education for our kids. We have the opportunity with our children today to blend the textbook work with practical life work. Teaching them how to be resourceful and learn topics like budgeting, car maintenance, Home repairs, produce gardening, cooking and even mindfulness. All of which hold significant value to their daily lives.

The days of quarantine have shown us life could possibly never be the same again even after this pandemic is over. North American school boards may need to rethink how they conduct the academic year going forward. If they are unwilling to be innovative in how they are teaching our children after this crisis, the percentage of homeschooled kids could rise exponentially over the next decade.

We parents need to start seeing ourselves as the leaders to our children’s educational future and not leave it in the hands of government appointed officials if we ever expect them to be creative free thinkers.

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