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A Tip for Self Motivation

In an effort to move forward and accomplish bigger and better, we’re often told to let go of the past or forget about our past failures.

This is true to an extent.

Past shortcomings sometimes inhibit our ability to confidently move forward because of the fear of failure repeating itself.

Alternatively some people look back at failures as an opportunity to learn from it and push them to ‘try again’.

A better tip for motivation is something I practice often.

In biblical times the Hebrews would build an alter at a specific location to remind them of the times God performed miracles in their lives.

When I feel the lack of motivation I usually go back to articles I’ve written that had a lot of online engagement or remember significant accomplishments in my career (like winning awards, etc.).

When you wake up feeling less than inspired to start the day, take time to look back at your past successes. Think about them, and relive the emotions of those moments.

You will be reminded that you have what it takes to execute the next big thing in your life and career.

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