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Thank You Content Creators

Let’s just take a moment to thank all the amazing, unique, independent content creators out there posting daily on social media for our enjoyment.

They’ve always been there but with COVID-19 isolation happening all over the globe, the laughs and enlightenment they bring during such a dark time is more than needed.

That’s the beauty of social media and mobile technology. Its like it was designed for times like this.

When we can’t connect physically, it’s keeping us connected.

When a door closes for us to use our creativity, we can unlock our phones and start making magic happen for an instant audience.

We’ve seen the shift in the last 15 years in content. From just merely observing to now participating and engaging.

As more and more of our entertainment gets regulated, creators will evolve to the next level of instant entertainment. NBA players have turned into content masters for their followers on Instagram. And it’s just the beginning.

So go and create. Make someone smile. Inspire. Comfort. Uplift. We need each other’s gifts more than ever today.

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