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Is It Really Social Distancing?

For many of us the call for social distancing will usher in a significant change to our daily life.

Some of us will realize how socially distant we really were all this time.

From work to home and home to work with the odd stop at the grocery store in between is the extent of our social existence. With holidays and birthdays left for extended family and maybe close friends.

But this is all good. If it takes a pandemic for us to see how unsocial we’ve become in society then so be it. We’ll also discover true growth often comes in the midst of spending time with others.

Social interaction expands our minds. Gives us a new perspective on the way we see things. It allows us to consider or reconsider the direction of the lives we choose to live.

But COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t mean it has to stop. Social distancing in the physical yes, but we live in a digital world.

Use this time to increase your usage of FaceTime, Skype, instant messaging and old fashion phone calling.

Let’s all make sure we understand that social distancing isn’t the same as social isolation.

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