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Creative Connecting

A few days ago I wrote about thanking the individual unique content creators around the web for keep us entertained during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media has always been a hub for actors, filmmakers, musicians, speakers and comedians to make their mark and share their gifts with the world. Gifts often rejected by large production companies or taken for granted by those closest to them.

But in light of recent events, creativity of online content is evolving. Maybe even maturing.

The global social distancing directive has opened doors for more creative connecting between us. We’ve gone from merely consuming content to now using it as a means to connect with each other in a deeper way online.

Yes connecting over social media content is nothing new, but the spirit in which we are connecting is new found territory.

Just tagging each other on content to consume has been replaced by daring or in-listing each other to participate in different quarantine challenges.

Women have been challenging other women to post headshots of themselves representing strength, beauty and resilience. Not surprisingly Men have regulated each other to the more primal endeavour of a ‘Push Up Challenge’.

Having multiple gigs canceled, musicians have come together to challenge each other to cover their songs through online posts. And of course teenagers have come up with some unique challenge that only their generation would understand.

Through all of this there’s a sense of beauty to what’s actually happening online. Social media has finally become the place to truly be social. We are posting less about what we have or what we’ve accomplished. Connecting relationally has become our priority.

The Coronavirus has pushed our humanity into reset mode. We just might find that the world ahead of us might be better than the one we leave behind.

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