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Anticipating Customer Needs

I work in the logistics industry which has been recently tabbed as an essential service during the Coronavirus pandemic. More specifically I work in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market.

While some logistics companies report  a decline in freight, there’s been a spike in mine. As grocery shelves empty out, our customers ramp up more restock orders across the country.

Thankfully I have a team of skilled individuals ready to handle the increase in freight volumes and the specific challenges coordinating suppliers and trucking partners.

As a manager of over $35 million worth of commercial CPG freight (notable cereal and canned food brands) it’s my job to stay updated with the current market trends and advise my customers accordingly to ensure they continue to have a competitive advantage over their competition.

Doing analysis such as year over year trends on volume and annual freight spend helps me anticipate my customer’s upcoming needs. But I also have to be nimble enough to recognize if those needs could potentially change due to shifting market conditions.

It’s not good enough just to know your clients initial needs. You already have their businiess, so the focus now  should be how to keep it long term. We need to be bold enough to risk predicting the future and make calculated decisions based on it. The more you do the better you’ll get at anticipating correctly.

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