The 1 Thing You Should Know About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Growing up I had the opportunity to watch an entrepreneur in action.

Seeing my dad daily build his photography business, and then eventually helping at jobs throughout my time as a teenager and young adult was an awarding experience. 

I saw a lot of ups and downs, busy seasons and slow ones, a lot of money and not so much of it.

As time went on I got married and realized that my wife was a hopeful entrepreneur and after 15 years has built a solid business that affects people of all ages globally. 

During that time my younger siblings also dipped into the entrepreneurial world, building businesses in their own right.

So as you can see being an entrepreneur runs in the family, Which got me thinking “should I jump into the mix?”

After years of writing I felt is was my turn to join the fun and make the leap. But it was a struggle for me. Working a 9 to 5 job, but having a passion to do something else was a challenge everyday. Should I give up on my goal to run my own business or should I quit my job and take a risk? 

Many would-be entrepreneurs ask themselves this question everyday. It’s never the easiest decision to make.

But, it wasn’t until I read this article detailing what Shark Tank’s Daymond John did to build his business to what it is today, that I learned the 1 thing everyone should know about becoming an entrepreneur.

You can read the article here to find out what he said.



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