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about me.

Logistics Management Professional

Over 10 plus years working in the 3rd Party Logistics field, currently managing a team of 11 employees. I’ve driven up revenues and reduced cost in every leadership position I’ve held over the years.

Freelance Writer

In the backdrop of my logistics career, I’ve become a freelance writer, covering multiple topics and working with several creative companies over the past 10 years. Contact me today about my Writing Services.

Creative Thinker

I won’t be pigeon-holed into a singular role. As a ‘creative’ at heart I look for opportunities to bring creative innovation to every area of my life and the lives of others, whether it involves finding ways to improve efficiencies for my logistics customers or assisting entrepreneurs develop creative strategies for their business. Let’s talk about how I can help you with your project today.

who I've Worked with


“Sheldon was able to help me connect my audience to the heart of my company’s true vision through blog posts, social media content, and developing an email marketing newsletter strategy.”


Belinda, Kamshuka, Owner

“We really enjoyed reading through Sheldon’s Fatherhood blog, and thought that his perspective was a great fit for our community. Because of this we selected him in 2016 as 1 of 20 bloggers that would make up the Blogaholics panel on our website.”


Kelsi Andrew-Wasylik, Project Manager

“Sheldon wrote for us in our very first issue and continues to be on of our most talented and valued writers today. From the beginning we recognized him as an above average communicator with an ability to write in an engaging way. As a columnist, his article ideas are always fresh and culturally relevant, yet thoughtful and intelligent.”


Kevin Bourne, Editor In Chief

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